My name is Vishnu Dass. I am a B2B Content Writer & Marketer

Content That Inspires Action

With a background in computer science, I have honed my skills in crafting content that explains complex technical topics in a way that is informative and engaging. 

I specialize in writing blog posts, articles, and eBooks for various domains, including SaaS, Computer Hardware, and Salesforce platforms.

My Approach

My Four-Step Formula to Create Exceptional Content


Understand Your Target Audience

Invest time in understanding your audience to tailor content to their preferences, addressing their pain points.


Do My Research

Conduct thorough research to gather the necessary information required to write informative and accurate piece of content.


Write with Clarity and Purpose

Write in a clear and concise language with no jargon and simplified technical terms.


Edit and Proofread Carefully

Edit and proofread the written content carefully to catch any errors and misses in the content.

Content Samples

The sample articles are assignments I have previously written for my clients.

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